Ingun Alette Mæhlum, brensholmen, ørnfløya

Ingun Alette Mæhlum is a documentary photographer based in Tromsø in Northern Norway. She does most of her work above the Arctic circle, and luckily she loves working in rough weather.

As well as working on her own documentary projects, she takes on various assignments for magazines and newspapers. She has received several national prizes for her photographs.

Agalaus forlag består av Ingun Alette Mæhlum og Christine Kristoffersen Hansen

Agalaus – self published books

Agalaus is a self-publishing company that tells stories about people and places in Arctic Norway. In 2017 we published our first three books – A Street in Tromsø, The Lofoten Fishery and Islanders, in Norwegian and in English versions.

For What it’s Worth- Art at flea markets

This art project which is about how object changes value, and I have photographed objects sold at flea markets. I have been to the seller’s home and to the new owner’s home, to see who finds new value in things that have lost its value.

Barents portraits

The book Barents Portraits – A Journey Across Borders was made together with writer Arne Egil Tønset. The book was published by Press, and there are both Norwegian and English versions.

Tussøy is an island in Arctic Norway

VII Masterclass Milan 2014/15

I was a participant at this masterclass tutored by photographers from VII Photo, while I was working on the island story from Tussøy.